Thursday, March 26

Beer never goes bad

And by that I mean: no matter how long its been since I wrote about beer, I've still been doing plenty drinking of it.

In fact, the last few months have been a crazy blend of beer drinking, job searching, apartment hunting, unpacking, bill paying, beer drinking, bar hopping, road tripping — and sadly no blogging (oh how I have missed you guys).

Have no fear, however, because I am here in full swing and ready to tell you all about my new official blog in my new official home.

I am officially the Minneapolis Craft Brew Examiner (check it out, I'm dead serious.)

I must confess this means I have crossed into the dark side — officially a Minnesotan (OK — I haven't quite made it to the DMV for my Minnesotan ID yet, but hey — I've got 60 days to do that...)

Yep, I'm one of the crazy ones that slipped out of the cheesily delightful, beer-drinking Wiscony state to a place where bottled beer comes in the shade of 3-percent alcohol content.

But don't worry about me, I'll still be doing plenty of drinking when it comes to awesomely brewed beer, and there's a suprisingly large number of breweries to explore here in Minnesota. So, please, trust me when I say I'm ready to kick this beer blog back into full gear, and keep coming back to read more (I recommend a full pint in your hand any time you log on to my blog ... simply because reading about beer will automatically make you want one, so you might as well come prepared).

And, while you're at it, check out this awesome event I found up here in Minneapolis. Who knows, maybe you'll find it in you to venture over here for the event. Like I say, anything in the name of drinking beer ...

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