Sunday, January 4

Winter booze blues

OK — I am officially back in the world of the cold.

Yep, I moved back to Wisconsin and am currently shacking up with my 'rents while I await the opportunity for a real-world job.

Hopefully it comes knocking soon, but in the mean time, I know what I am going to be doing: drinking plenty of beer. I forgot how cold it really gets up here, but chizzling a deadly-thick layer of ice off my car today was quite the reminder.

Now, had I been drinking before I had to do that, I might have been a little more fun, you think? I think.

And at least this can be an excuse to start exploring the world of good ol' Winter Ales. The only one I've ever had is Sam Adams — anybody out there got a favorite to recommend? (If anyone feels like flying over seas for the cause, you could attend the National Winter Ales Festival in the UK. Sounds exciting!)

Until then, I might have to invest in some KahlĂșa. It tastes great in a cup of hot chocolate.