Sunday, January 4

Winter booze blues

OK — I am officially back in the world of the cold.

Yep, I moved back to Wisconsin and am currently shacking up with my 'rents while I await the opportunity for a real-world job.

Hopefully it comes knocking soon, but in the mean time, I know what I am going to be doing: drinking plenty of beer. I forgot how cold it really gets up here, but chizzling a deadly-thick layer of ice off my car today was quite the reminder.

Now, had I been drinking before I had to do that, I might have been a little more fun, you think? I think.

And at least this can be an excuse to start exploring the world of good ol' Winter Ales. The only one I've ever had is Sam Adams — anybody out there got a favorite to recommend? (If anyone feels like flying over seas for the cause, you could attend the National Winter Ales Festival in the UK. Sounds exciting!)

Until then, I might have to invest in some Kahlúa. It tastes great in a cup of hot chocolate.


Nick said...

Sam Adams is all that comes to mind, but I know I've seen others...

Welcome back to WI :) Like last winter, this one is turning out to be way beyond sucky weatherwise...

Good luck with the job hunting!

Anonymous said...

Hey, where have you been, need my beer updates!

... and read my blog said...

Thanks -- definitely needed the luck with the job hunt in this economy. And -- sorry I'm a slacker, but the biggest skill college gave me which I am trying to overcome is ... you guessed it ... procrastination. For real though -- I'm finally settled in and staying put for at least a year, so expect regular posts!! Thanks for reading!