Monday, December 15


Looks like Budweiser's invention of the term 'drinkability' wasn't quite enough for them, as they are also going to be re-doing their packaging early next year. Yes! That is exactly what will make me want to drink their beer. 

Hm. Or maybe they should re-do their recipe. Right ...

Honestly, I know back in the summer I said I'd take Bud light over Miller Lite (and I still would) but truth be told I haven't had a Bud light OR a Miller Lite probably since the day I said that. I am waaaaay too deep in the world of microbrew.

And sad, but true, I have a case of Bud Light that is three-quarters of the way full and has been since Nick's brother was down visiting and decided to buy it after having drank a few on his last night. Needless to say, he didn't have time to finish it and Nick and I don't want to ... (Alcohol abuse!)

On that note, what have I found time to finish?

What's Lyssa Been Drinking? I put my hands around a nice bottle of Flying Dog Snake Dog India Pale Ale. With 7.1% alcohol, this IPA packs a pretty good punch of hops but is still easy to drink. 

Should you drink it, too? (1 - Hell no. 10 - Don't pass this beer up!) 8. This is definitely one of the better finds I've gotten ahold of here in Florida. Now, its your turn. Take a sip, I dare you.

Friday, December 12

A beer phenomenon

I just had to share this little phenomenon I've been having as of late. 

Has anybody ever been on the drive home from a long shift at work and just thought, "I could really go for a beer right now"? Or, perhaps its a sunday afternoon and with nothing better to do you wish you just had a cold one in your hand.

Well, I'm sure this scenario is not too far off any one's trail (especially if you're a beer drinker and that's why you're reading this blog). 

But, what I must share with you is this: lately, I've been coming home and not only craving beer, but more over I've been craving one of my beers. That's right, our second batch has aged so deliciously that I want nothing else but it. Unfortunately, we've gotten down to only having one left. There will probably be a brawl in the kitchen for that one later. And, now comes the time to start thinking about exactly what our next brew will be ...